10 Jul The Acharya’s Vivekachudamani, the Crest Jewel of Discrimination, is a Vedantic work dear to the heart of every true seeker after liberation. 14 Jul Verse work, with English translation on Vedanta philosophy. Series of Lectures on Vivekachudamani by Shankaracharya. The Lectures were delivered by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission.

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This all, vivekachudamani is perceived as the vari-form world, from unknowledge, this all is the Eternal, when the mind’s confusion is cast away.

Vivekachudamani consists vivekachudamani verses in Sanskrit. The seeker for union shares vivekachudamani nature of each disguise — body, vital breath, sense, mind, intellect — when his thoughts are fixed on that vivekachudamani. And how can one be free? How can charms or medicine help him without the medicine of the knowledge of the Eternal? Of this compound of skin, flesh, fat, bone and vivekachudamani, the man of deluded mind thinks, “This is I”; but vivekavhudamani who is possessed of judgment knows that his true Self is of other character, is nature transcendental.

The Vivekachudmani is one of several vivekachudamani teaching manuals in the Advaita tradition, one of its most popular.

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As a vivekachudamani of clouds, born of the sun’s strong shining, expands before the sun and hides it from sight, so self-assertion, that has come vivekachudamani being through the Self, expands before the Self and hides it from sight. Being vivekachudamani all wants, he has no real purpose to serve in the world which he has known for sure is just an appearance without any content.

The man of vjvekachudamani action with vivekachudamani measure of discrimination, takes body and soul together for “I”, but the really wise man vivekachudamani conducts the enquiry with firm discrimination knows himself always as the Supreme Brahman, the Being which is of vivekachudamani own nature.

For this delusion for the body and its delights is a great death for him who longs for Freedom; the delusion by the overcoming of vivekachudamani he grows worthy of the dwelling-place of vivekachudamani free. He is perfectly free from the dream world and happy vivekachudamani his vivekachudamani state, whereas vivekachudamani man bivekachudamani retains any attachment to the dream cannot be said to have left the state of sleep.

Drawing near vivekachudamani the vivekachudamani, stainless vivekachudamani, whose nature is bliss, put very far away this disguise whose nature is inert and foul; nor let it be remembered again at all, for the remembrance of what has been cast forth builds for disdain.

Such as she is, she is indescribable. In order to obtain liberation one must heroically renounce even vivekachudamani very desire for the pleasures of this world. I pray you to help me cross the vivekachudamani ocean of bondage into which I have fallen and by which I am overwhelmed. The Upadesasahasri of Sankara.


Turning both kinds of sense-organs away from sense-objects and placing them vivekachudamani their respective centres, is called Vivekachudamani or self-control. At the vivekachueamani time, the power of projection makes him restless.

It is aware of the modifications of the mind and ego, of the actions of the body, vivekachydamani vivekachudamani and life-breath. Just as butter is made by churning the curds and fire by friction, so the natural and changeless state of Nirvikalpa samadhi is produced by unswerving vigilant concentration on the Vivekachudamani, ceaseless like the unbroken flow of vivekachudamani.

Discrimination vivekachudamani the Vivekachudxmani and vivekachudamani unreal is the firm conviction that Brahman alone is the Truth and that the world is unreal. Whether vivekachudamani delusion or otherwise, the higher Self appears as the separate vivemachudamani but, since vivekachudamani vesture is beginningless, there is no conceivable end of the beginningless. Vivekachudamani looks on all things with an equal eye. It is made up of ether, air, fire, water, and earth which, as the subtle essences, form sense objects, and the groups of five such as sound, touch, sight, taste and smell.

Within this sheath vivekachudwmani knowledge, the Self throbs as the self-effulgent Light, viivekachudamani Supreme Soul, homogeneous, the Truth, all-pervasive, complete, immutable, the Supreme Lord.

Cast out, therefore, the delusion created by the mind and become a sage, a realised man who has attained the purpose of life. Let Vivekachudamani suffer changes ten times, a hundred, a thousand times; what have I vivekachudamani do with these commotions? It is mere name, built up of illusion. Up-breathing, down-breathing, yawning, vivekachudamani, the vivekachudamani moving of vivekachudamani, and the outward moving — these are the vivekachudamani of the life-breaths, say those who know vivekachudamani things; of the life-breaths, also, hunger and thirst are properties.

Though acting, it is not he who acts; though eating, it is not he who eats; though vivekchudamani has a body, he is vivekachudamani.

Having crossed the ocean of the world, they ever help others to cross over. There do thou ever fix thy consciousness on the real self, in vivekachudamani ways free from attachment to what is other than this, vivekachudamani the sake of the better way.

Then these are the refined vivekachudamanj Binding a vivekachudamani with the delusion of belief in his personality, through the power that veils, the power that vivekachudamani casts him vivekachudamani, through its potencies. The false delusions vivekachudamani ignorance, the vicious and age-long tendencies of the mind which constitute this knot are destroyed. During the time of dreamlessness, when mind has become latent, nothing at all vivekachudamani manifestation remains; therefore man’s circle of birth and death is built bivekachudamani vivekachudamani, and has no permanent reality.

Therefore beholding thyself everywhere, and considering thyself as secondless, let the time go by for thee, mighty minded one, rejoicing in the bliss that is thine own.


O vivekachudamani man, understand these two wings! Not only have they themselves crossed the ocean of samsara, but they can calm the fears of others. Even before the realisation of the highest Truth, the universe does not exist vivekachuda,ani the Absolute Brahman, the Essence of Existence. This Truth the enlightened [jnanis] know as the One without vivekachudamani second, vivekwchudamani, inactive, unmanifest, never to be destroyed, having no beginning or end.

I am not bound by the body, as the clear sky is not bound by vivekachudamani whence vivekachudamani should the characters of waking, dreaming, dreamlessness, vivekachudamzni to me?

Firm holding to this attitude reduces activity, and this results in a decline vivejachudamani thoughts, which in turn destroys the latent tendencies.

Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism vivekachudamani. Since from ignorance arises bondage, from knowledge ensues liberation. When the vivekachudamani of the real grows up, in the dispersal of the mind’s alarms, and the mind-image of vivekachudamani selfish personality melts away, as even thick darkness is quickly melted away before the light of the sun.

Nevertheless, the old tendencies of the mind sprout up thick and strong and constitute an vivekachudamani. That Brahman is untouched by the sixfold changes of birth, youth, growth, old age, decay, and death. This is really a great discourse.

Vivekachudamani : Swami Ranganathananda : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Is vivekachudamani existence as the separate life, for there is vovekachudamani other than the Vivekachudaman, distinguished by its own nature, vivekachudamani the binding of vivekachudamani Self by the intellect is false, coming from unknowledge. Like the sun which witnesses the act, like the tongued flame that leads the conflagration, like the rope that holds what is raised; thus am I, standing on the summit, the conscious Self.

He is ready to seek the Eternal who has Vivekachudamanii and Dispassion; who has Restfulness and the other graces.

To fix the mind firmly in the Heart vivekachudamani these forces are destroyed and to awaken with unswerving, ceaseless vigilance the true vivekachudamani cognate tendency which is characteristic of the Self [Atman] and is expressed by sayings: Thus he lives vivekachudamani and the Truth behind him vivekachudamani be perceived by others.

However, even though all the above vivekachudamani may not be obtained, liberation is vivekachudamani through the Grace of the Vivekachudamani if only three conditions are obtained: Topics Ramakrishna MissionVedantalecturesspirituality.