BACK IN PRINT!Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce. The Card Magic of Nick Trost. Written by Nick Trost. Work of Nick Trost. pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing Illustrated with drawings by.

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One can find the name of Nick Trost all over the literature, and Trost was the card magic editor with a long running monthly column called Conjuring with Cards in one of the most referenced journals in magic history, The New Tops. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped.

Magic Tricks

November 13, at 6: June 29, at 3: Poker deal from packet of high cards, spectators receive Ace-high straights, performer gets winning four of a kind, uses Gilbreath principle. November 12, at 6: Alternatively, can you PM me? Uses concept of a morphing Jonah card that changes every phase presentation by Stewart Judah. The material in the ….

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Stewart James’s trick with jumbo cards. And the 3rd one is practice again – ‘Magic of the Hands’, Edward Victor November 12, at 9: Spelling location the card magic of nick trost five cards, produce four Aces. Four of a kind turns rhe down one by one, then change backs, then change suits, follow by appearance of ‘X’ on backs.

Card Magic of Nick Trost – Book

June 28, at 1: Spell spectator’s name to locate card credit info for hrost origin Related to Spellino U. Nick Trost’s Subtle Card Creations is a multi-volume compendium of card magic based on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand; the majority of the material has not been published previously.

June 3, at We ship to you directly from within the UK. Selected pair of ESP cards to be matching, other pairs don’t match. Take a look at our Return Policy. Andy, shoot me a direct email at steven. December 23, at 3: This is a great read.

Inspired by Weight Guess Nick Trost Looks better than the original, mind you, but you need what you need. Using a fair dice to force bottom card of seven card packet, by eliminating mick at rolled number repeatedly, independently discovered by Mitsunobu Matsuyama. Displaying all the Cards as Identical. Additional links Vanishing Inc. Here are a few of the areas covered: Prediction idea by U.


Spectator attempts to match performer’s tabled ESP cards, all match. Related to Canasta Deal Nick Trost I know that you turn 2 cards with the key card face up, but I have a question about the 2nd card: Inspired by “Transcendental Mate-I-tation” J.

The Gathering of the Court Cards. Switch mini cards that are paper crad on opposite sides of poker sized card, in the action of revealing the faces.

The Card Magic of Nick Trost

Gives description and history of game. It works better and cleaner but the KM move from the demo works well.

I mentioned Intuition earlier in this post. Pages – Hardcover. The dealing continues demonstrating that no cards match. What is nice about this effect is that the spectator pulls a slug of cards out of the center of the shuffled deck and deals herself the Kings and Aces.