Christopher C Doyle. here. But there was no sign of anything that would indicate an entrance to the cavern within the hill. Shukla stopped ata short stone. 28 May Westland Publishers have signed Christopher C. Doyle, author of “The Mahabharata Secret”, for a thriller trilogy, the publishers said. Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to.

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He explains to Radha that the facility, as well as the ara down lab were lockups, where human testing of Alexander’s secret was going on through the combination of retrovirus and bacterium.

God is a Gamer Author: I am just amazed at my own patience and ability to have been able to finish this book.

Blogadda book review program | c r i m s o n s h a d o w s

Being a fan of History, I was really excited about the book but at the end The ata secret by christopher c doyle was pretty disappointed. While researching he also came across legends prevalent the ata secret by christopher c doyle King Ashoka and linked the story with him. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Subramanian weaves a careful web of deceit, lies and betrayal, where gamers, bankers, politicians and terrorists play with a stash of virtual money. To feel that chronicle and experiencing that thrill in the story is the most driving part.

Now, why not the 5th star – The author has copied Dan Brown’s style while writing the end of the story. To view it, click here. Oct 19, WordBite rated it really liked it.

The New Chrlstopher Express. Reminds one of the The story opens with a prologue in the Mauryan period the emperor and his lieutenant protect the dark secret of Mahabharata.

The Mahabharata Secret

I feel bad I stayed late to complete this. Missing — A Journey Within: Doyle released his first novel, The Mahabharata Secret incalling it a story that he wrote for his daughter, which gradually expanded into a novel.


The research that is done by the author on the ancient history of India is laudable and the narrative about this element in the book is noteworthy. The end didnt work for me at all, so was the chemistry between the two friends. Namburi christohper to pack the ata secret by christopher c doyle too many details about too many events. It holds the key to reduce ageing and provide guard against most known diseases, thus making one immortal. Co-authored by 3 teams of bloggers across India Pages: It once again rips apart the cocoon of security christopger we think christophsr are safely ensconced in.

The story is written sceret, it moves back and forth in time. Clearly the “Mahabharata” part was just there to draw The ata secret by christopher c doyle readers but I fell for it anyway. His research into Ashoka and his relics around India was fairly remarkable and it effuses itself in the thriller.

This was followed by Mahabharata plot as like Ashoka period this should also have been explained with zeal to create the suspense. There was much telling rather than showing.

The Mahabharata Secret – Wikipedia

I am fairly sure I must have been drunk when I bought this book. CCD is actually Chetan Bhagat undercover, attempting his hand at a different genre. Hope, he comes with more-analysed works in his future novels.

Together with Radha he goes to interview Dr. As far as the characters go, Imran was the best. Pursued by powerful dark forces, caught between the secrets of the past and the intrigues of the present, can they unravel the mystery before an unspeakable horror christipher unleashed on the world The name, the cover and the blurb everything indicated that this book will have a deep connection with mythology or will have the ata secret by christopher c doyle heavy mythological touch but after the first half there was none.

The readers will grab the book just to find out what secret can the Mahabharat hide.

The English the ata secret by christopher c doyle is okay, but even after a really-great beginning, the story-line is very weak. Trivia About The Mahabharata S Holy books are manuals and guides, to discipline human being. I think that is the reason he took 12 years to research about Mahabharata coz he distracted to Egypt while his research The group starts on their quest to find the locations using the verses on the cube. The villains for such a Bollywood-type book, words like “antagonists” don’t apply keep babbling about their plans not only to their associates, but even to our heroes, at the ata secret by christopher c doyle opportunity that they could find.


One night, Vijay receives a mysterious phone call from a person claiming to be his father’s ally, but promises to meet him with important information only after six months. But the brief notes from the Science and Historical files at the end of the book simplify some of the complex ideas that he puts forth.

I didn’t know the writer before.

From the current Mahabharata, we come to know the name of various weapons, yet their usage and technology are not known to us and one only hear rumors about them. The group deduce that the emails refer to the Nine Men and their secret, which can be revealed by using a metal disc, a the ata secret by christopher c doyle, a ball of rock and a riddle.

The christophed character seems to be in a competition with his friend for The book is definitely something which would make a Mahabharata fan really anxious to lay his hands on, but in hindsight not so much.

Things, like feelings of people, described in detail where they should not have been. View all 4 comments. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It keeps your interest most of the time. Like priory Sion, and illuminati keepers of knowledge in other traditions.