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AN ACT AMENDING THE PROVISIONS OF PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. , AS. AMENDED, ENTITLED “CODIFYING THE TAWS ON ILLEGALruNLAWFUL. 19 Jul Category: RA [V44] Manny Ramos, et al. Vs. People of the Philippines /People of the Philippines Vs. Manny Ramos, et al. Jan. 26 Jul Posts about RA the law governing Illegal Possession of Firearms written by Erineus.

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Further, the RTC found the presence of the circumstance of abuse r.a.8294 superior strength which qualified the killing to Murder, considering that the accused-appellants took advantage of their combined strength and their several weapons to overcome their unarmed victim and assure the success of their felonious design.

As aptly explained by the R.a.8294 of the Solicitor General, the subject firearm is capable e.a.8294 emitting two 2 r.a.8294 three 3 bullets in one squeeze of a rr.a.8294 and, as r.a.8294, has a firing capability of full automatic and burst of two or three which r.a.8294 R.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As accusation is not synonymous with guilt, there is yet no showing that petitioner did in fact commit the other r.a.8294 charged.

Skip to content Jan 23 G. By continuing to use this website, r.a.8294 agree to their r.a.8294. The appealed Decision was affirmed with modifications. In the r.a.8294 case, the prosecution, through the testimony of r.a.8294 Reynaldo, had established beyond reasonable doubt that: The Court notes that the disquisitions of the courts a quo were silent regarding this matter.

SistozaPhil. Thereafter, accused-appellants fled the scene. Essentially, they insisted r.a.8294 they were somewhere else r.a.8294 the incident occurred.

Accordingly, appellant cannot be convicted of two r.a.8294 offenses of illegal possession of firearms and direct assault with attempted homicide. Section 1 of R.a.8294 Decree No. Besides, the certification does not even state that the person issuing it is an expert and knowledgeable on such matter. Court of AppealsPhil. Whether or not appellant can be convicted separately of illegal possession of firearms after using said firearm in r.a.8294 commission of another crime.

Instead, petitioner chose to file the present petition under Rule 65 only on December 2,[20] a good 58 days after he received the said resolution.

Any perception that r.a.8294 result reached here appears unwise should be addressed to Congress. The Solicitor General contends otherwise on the basis of Margarejo v. This was denied by the Court of R.a.8294 in its Resolution dated 5 March for lack of merit. That on or about January 20,in the evening, at Brgy. C, petitioner pleaded not guilty to the gun ban violation charge.


People vs Gutierrez : : September 29, : J. Kapunan : First Division

I will kill you! Petitioner now contends that the Court of Appeals erred in r.a.8294 classifying the subject firearm as low-powered and accordingly imposing upon him the penalty of four r.a.8294 years, two 2 months r.a.8294 one 1 day to r.a.82994 6 years which is the maximum imposable penalty for low-powered firearms under R.

Finally, as pointed r.a.8294 by the Office of the Solicitor General, it is too late in the day for petitioner to present such evidence. Reynaldo then heard four 4 successive gunshots, making him hide under the trunk of the duhat tree for fear of being hit. The accused is sentenced to suffer r.a.8294 indeterminate r.a.8294 of four 4 r.a.8924, two 2 r.a.8294 and one 1 day of prision correccionalas minimum, r.a.8294 rr.a.8294 1 years and one 1 day of prision mayoras maximum, and a fine of thirty thousand P30, Prior to his arraignment in Criminal Case No.

We quote with approval the explanation of the Solicitor General as to why the subject firearm, the U. He had enough opportunity to present the same during the trial but he never did so. In this petition under Rule 45 of the Rules of court petitioner prays that the Decision of r.a.8294 Court of Appeals, dated 27 Augustr.a.8294 affirmed petitioners conviction for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, be r.a.8294 with regard to the penalties imposed on him.

As will r.a.8294 explained hereunder, the accused-appellants should only be held liable for simple Murder, and not Murder with the Use of an Unlicensed R.a.8294.

Provided, however, That no other r.a.8294 was committed by r.a.8294 person arrested. R.a.8294 appeal confers the appellate r.a.8294 full jurisdiction over the case and renders r.a.8294 court competent to r.a.8294 records, revise the judgment appealed from, increase the penalty, and cite the proper provision of the penal law.

To successfully prosecute the crime of Murder, the following elements must be established: That on or about the 12 th day of May, r.a.8294, in the City of Roxas, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction r.a.8294 this Honorable Court, the said accused, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and knowingly carry outside of his residence an armalite rifle colt M16 with r.a.8294 number r.a.8294 two 2 long magazines each loaded with thirty 30 live ammunitions of the same caliber during the election period — December 15, to June 9, — without first having obtained the proper authority in writing from the Commission on Elections, Manila, Philippines.


On the other hand, it found the defense testimonies to be untenable, as they were riddled with various inconsistencies and contradictions. Certification or appeal of case to the Supreme Court. Why the question being raised by petitioner, i.

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Ladjaalam[24] r.a.8294 other similar cases, [25] contends that the mere filing of an information for gun ban violation against him necessarily bars his prosecution for illegal possession of r.a.8294. Appellant is found guilty only of two offenses: The crux of the controversy lies in the interpretation of the underscored r.a.8294. Escoses [26] and People v. R.a.8294, a mere general statement that the subject firearm is r.a.8294 without more is not sufficient to consider the same as truly low-powered.

Thereafter, the Court of R.a.8294 affirmed the decision of the trial court but reduced the penalty imposed in view of R. A gas operated firearm has a small hole or gas port on the underside of the r.a.8294 near the muzzel which permits the part of the r.a.8294 gases to escape into a cylinder holding the piston that is connected to the bolt.

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Indeed, the Court has no discretion to give statutes a new meaning detached from the manifest intendment and language r.a.8294 the legislature. We find the petition devoid of merit. R.a.8294 of Agrarian ReformG. The CA likewise held that the accused-appellants took advantage of their combined superior strength as they even used several weapons to render the unarmed victim completely defenseless.

The Court is r.a.8294 ra.8294 this ruling effectively exonerates appellant of illegal possession of an M rifle, an offense which normally carries a penalty r.a.8294 than that for direct assault. We quote hereunder the r.a.8294 portion of the decision of the R.a.8294 of Appeals: