13 Feb Commissioner under section 10 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, (XVII of );. (c) “Assistant Director Land Records” means an. Punjab Land Revenue Act, , Power of Board of Revenue to make rules for demarcation of boundaries and APPEAL, REVENUE AND REVISION. Law Vision is one of the Projects Launched by the LAWVISION. This Site has in- fact opened the door for actual Comprehensive Laws and legal services on the.

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Procedure in sales Making of that part of periodical records which relates to land-owners. Presumption in favour of entries in record-of-rights and periodical records.

Proclamation after postponement or on re-sale.

Restriction on variations of entries in records. Making of that part of periodical record which relates to other persons.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Act, from Rabievery land-owner of the categories, mentioned below shall, in addition to the land revenue assessed under the provisions of sections 57 and 70, be liable to pay land revenue at the enhanced rate mentioned against each category—.


Power of Revenue Officer to define boundaries. Application for reconsideration of revenuee.

Competitive Examinations Helping Community

Power of fix boundary between riverain estates. Application for amendment of the distribution of an assessment. Proclamation of attachment or annulment of assessment and consequence of proclamation. Affirmation of partitions privately affected. Award of compensation and extinguishment of rights thereby. Orders of Civil and Criminal Courts for execution of processes against land, etc. Presumption as to ownership of forests, quarries and wastelands. punjab land revenue act 1967

Punjab Land Revenue Act, | Law Vision Ultimate Law Resources: Database for lawyers

Districts to be divided into Sub-Divisions. Order of Civil and Criminal Courts for execution of processes against land, etc. Order of reference and contents thereof. Punjab land revenue act 1967 that land shall not be sold for the recovery of—. Regenue LV of Arbitration Act not to apply to arbitration under this Chapter. Power to deposit certain sums other than rent. Power to except any area from provisions unsuited thereto. Annulment of assessment of holding. Addition of parties to application.


Proceedings held on holidays.

The Punjab Land Revenue Act,

Preservation of attached produce. Suit for declaratory decrees by persons aggrieved by an entry in a record. Exclusion of certain land from operation of this Act.

Obligation to furnish information necessary for the preparation of records. Power to issue instructions.

Act I of Revenue survey may be introduced by Board of Revenue in any part of Province. Application to set aside sale. Mode of payment of movable property when sale is subject to confirmation. Revenuf of land revenue. Record of rights and documents punjab land revenue act 1967 therein.

Rules regulating appointments etc.

Explanation — 1 An order passed in review, modifying or reversing a previous order, shall be deemed to be an original order for the purposes of this section. Districts be divided into Sub-Divisions. Sale of movable property and perishable articles.