DesignPD – Peter Dahmen Papierdesign Hello! I’m Peter Dahmen, thank you for visiting my channel! I am a paper artist and a pop up designer. In my channel. Peter Dahmen Papierdesign, Dortmund, Germany. K likes. Design & Creation of Pop Up Cards, Paper-Engineering – Zum. FREE TEMPLATES! It seems, as if many of my facebook fans can not find my collection of book recommendations, free templates and tutorials for pop up.

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What would you say, how much time do you need for only one single idea? Is there anything about your process or way of working that you think is unusual or unique? The video has peter dahmen papierdesign been watched more than 4.

28 best Peter Dahmen. Wonderful!! images on Pinterest | Paper art, Paper crafts and Pop up

Do you feel that the public understands your work? Peter dahmen papierdesign I have a certain idea, which forces me to solve several problems. How long have you been making pop-up sculptures and pop up cards?

What are the most usual themes that can be found in your art? Would you like to make your own cards?

Pop-Up Card Concept for the letter “M”

Maybe some people can design things in that way dahmne but I like to work with the real materials. In this video I show you how peter dahmen papierdesign develop three-dimensional structures from a single sheet of paper. To begin with, please introduce us about your work and tell us when did you first became interested peter dahmen papierdesign pop-up? What are pop-up cards and how they are produced, find out from respected Peter Dahmen, a famous graphic designer from Germany.


In my opinion, you can create something beautiful from all different sorts of paper and cardboard. Here you can find links to my free tutorials: Since then, I create pop up sculptures. Peter Dahmen is peter dahmen papierdesign graphic designer from Germany who is making beautiful pop-up cards. It would not be a problem, if the pop up sculpture was a single piece. In the past years, I received orders for wonderful projects, which were more phantastic, than I had ever imagined before.

Let me give you an example: And what about the colour of the paper. What inspires you most in life? Peter dahmen papierdesign WorkTutorials.

Pop-Up Card Concept for the letter “M”

When I design a new 3D object, I start with the creation of very easy models. I have taken this as an opportunity to publish a tutorial video for a matching pop-up card. The creation of the pop-up peter dahmen papierdesign needs some time, but I think that the outcome is worth the effort.


I would be very happy, if Vahmen could receive some new projects like these in the future. I have ever expected before, that so many people would like my artworks.

peter dahmen papierdesign

Peter Dahmen

What kind of paper do you use for sculptures? I already have prepared something: I know, that every viewer has his personal thought upon each of my sculptures. Did you peter dahmen papierdesign any formal education for this kind of art?

Since festive days has overpast, did you prepare peter dahmen papierdesign special for Christmas? When I am working for clients, I usually have to keep peter dahmen papierdesign mind, that the pop up cards have to be produced in a large edition 1. Even if one person may say, that a certain pop up sculpture reminds him or her of a certain building — I would never say that this is right or wrong.

The template is also free. But then I noticed that this pop-up card looks also good in other colors.

The making of this pop-up card is very easy, so it can also be used as peetr peter dahmen papierdesign for children or as a gift at the last minute: