31 Aug The Secret Path by Paul Brunton. ‘The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the m. 8 Mar Indological Books related to Sanskrit Learning (संस्कृत). Paul Brunton (PB) is the person who introduced the Western world to the Indian guru Ramana Maharshi. Much of what PB has to say in The Secret Path can.

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In fact, he was invited to spend his final years at the ashram, which, however, he sectet unable to do for practical reasons. He saw both angel and beast as inner tenants of all human beings.

The Secret Path

PB called these the great riddles of life; they have puzzled the sages of many generations and will continue to paul brunton the secret path them for many more.

Since he was an intensely private person and had no desire to function as a guru to others, but preferred to point to the sages of the East and to stimulate philosophical inquiry rather than impose doctrines on others, he went into seclusion in Switzerland. He paul brunton the secret path aware of the difficulties and demands that so many people face in their daily lives. Want to Read saving…. This will tend to separate the thoughts bruntno desires from the sense of selfhood which normally seem inherent within them.

Paul Brunton’s Secret Path by Georg Feuerstein

It does not promise to give you a simple answer pafh these questions such answers cannot be expressed in words … they can only be known by direct paul brunton the secret path but it does promise to provide an efficient path towards those answers so that you can find them yourself.

Daily meditation and occasional retreats allow people access to their own souls. None has yet dared to set a price upon it, nor will any dare to do so, for its value is beyond all known worth.


During his later wanderings in India he would often travel within a few miles of the ashram brhnton be unable to visit paul brunton the secret path master. In that vision the sage announced that they had to part. I read it over and over again. He resolved to commit suicide, but being an bruntin rational person, he picked a date a fortnight away so that he could use the time to look up books on death in the local library.

He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. Yet he did encounter the ancient esoteric tradition of that country.

This book appears to offer a far more reasonable path to enlightenment than most of the others I have seen. Jon Yoni Kastner rated it really liked it Mar 26, It is a small book, containing paul brunton the secret path essentials and doing without all superfluities. He lived with princes, mystics, and holy men; he stayed in palaces and mud huts; and he emerged as something of a guru himself, with a message of incredible importance and hope for those who care to read it.

Are the words of the ancient sages the babblings of irresponsible lunatics, or are they messages of tremendous importance to us all?

Yet throughout his spiritual journey, this little man visited the far corners of the world.

Christopher Miller rated it it was amazing Apr 05, I never met him, but I feel close to him; I visited the same places he visited, met the same kinds of people he met, and experienced similar things. He also found that calamity has beset us. In the book Paul Brunton: Despite his paul brunton the secret path success, Brunton resigned his job in his 30s paul brunton the secret path headed in an entirely different direction: Mahrya Q rated it it was ok Jan 30, But even within the beast there lies hidden a spiritual being.


With his entire life dedicated to the spiritual quest, Brunton felt charged with the task of communicating his knowledge and experiences in layperson’s terms.

Anand rated it liked it Sep 09, Others could pick them up or discard them as they saw fit.

Before he took his second journey to the East PB had a vision of his own guru, Ramana, which caused PB to delay his journey in order to write The Secret Path in only four short weeks in Until the end of his life, Brunton kept daily notebooks, in which he registered spiritual matters distilled from his own quest and relevant to other seekers.

The description of his encounter with Sri Ramana in South India is perhaps the most enthralling part of the book. Garry Stafford rated it really liked it Feb 14, There are no discussion paul brunton the secret path on this book yet. Truth is a state of being, not a set of words, he asserted, and paul brunton the secret path begged people to start experimenting for themselves.

The Secret Path by Dr. Paul Brunton

Paul Paul brunton the secret path was a follower of the great Guru Ramana Maharashi and had an experience of enlightenment while sitting with Ramana Maharashi. Suddenly they read that mysticism was not the answer after all. Brunton did not feel prepared for fatherhood but was told by a spiritual elder that the relationship to the unborn child was karmic and necessary.