import 2.*;. // Create a new PDF. PDF p = new PDF();. // Create a new page. PDFPage page = e(ZE_A4);. // Create a new. 2. Contains the classes used to create a PDF document. org. 2. The “viewer” package contains the classes required to create. This features adds an “Edit” menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in the .

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Return the document-wide JavaScript, as set by setJavaScript java. Create a menu item that taceless quit the application – ie. This method is very similar to the setUnits float, int method, except that the user scale is stored with the PDF. Other values are possibile but won’t be recognised by Acrobat pagemode string What to display in org faceless pdf2 left-most pane of the Acrobat window.

Position the document’s window in the center of the screen. The value parameter may be StringDateBoolean or Floator null to org faceless pdf2 that item of meta-information.

e (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Create a new page of the specified page size and add it to this PDF. Adding or removing annotations is org faceless pdf2 considered to alter the page contents.

If more accuracy is needed you can get the exact page dimensions by calling the getBox java. Apply an Affine Transformation pvf2 the page.

If the PDF Library is being org faceless pdf2 in an AWT application, especially one that may have background threads performing tasks, this value should be set to true. This value is used in Acrobat only for measuring distances or areas on the page, although it may be used elsewhere by other tools. File method and then the load method must be called before this object is passed into the PDF.

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A parameter to newPage String to create a new landscape A5 page – org faceless pdf2.

PDF (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Typically this setting is best left unchanged print. Attempting to org faceless pdf2 a page from this list or another PDF’s page list will remove it from that location automatically.

Open a structural tag on this page. Hide user interface elements in the Document window such as scroll bars and navigation controlsleaving only the document’s contents displayed.

Hierarchy For Package org.faceless.pdf2

Create annotations to org faceless pdf2 Fcaeless objects belonging to a FormText. Specified gaceless a java.

Org faceless pdf2 page box to clip the page contents to when printing the document. Description copied from interface: A Placeholder can be used to mark a point in the PDF which needs to be updated after the signature has been applied. The X and Y co-ordinates of the vertices are in the pdv2 arrays.

Return the value of the specified viewer preference, as set by setViewerPreference. Create a new PDFPage object that’s a clone of the specified page but is not connected to any document. This org faceless pdf2 in the form of an unmodifable Mapwhere the keys are String objects, and values may be StringDateBooleanCalendar or Float objects. PDFPage, int, int, int, int.

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.feature

New documents created with this library will still have a revision 0 before they’re saved. When validating a signed document this needs org faceless pdf2 be taken into account Another interesting feature of revisions is that with a document with multiple revisions, it’s possible to “roll back” to a previous version.

This feature will allow pages to be prg via the ThumbnailPanel. Annotations would typically be used to add a popup note, a hyperlink, a stamp or a form-field to oeg page. This also means you do not ;df2 to call this method more than once, and doing so is not only inefficient, it could theoretically cause problems in multi-threaded environments like servlet engines.

If the page is fully loaded this method returns nullotherwise it returns a LoadState which can be used to monitor the progress of the load. The org faceless pdf2 marked in bold could apply to any method of serializing the XML. The page size is specified as a string of the form ” W x HU “, where W is org faceless pdf2 width of the page, H is the height of the page, and U is an optional units specifier – it may be “mm”, org faceless pdf2 or “in”, and if it’s not specified it’s assumed to be points.


This method returns -1 if the text can’t be displayed in the box specified by beginText. This is done using the standard Org faceless pdf2 methods. When a new page is created it’s measured in points from the bottom-left of the page.

Rendering the document typically merges all the revisions of a document, so after rendering the getNumberOfRevisions method will always return zero. Create a menu org faceless pdf2 that will display the Document in “Full Screen” mode.

A special feature to org faceless pdf2 internal frames inside the viewer. Set the document-wide JavaScript. Creates a JLabel which displays the total number of pages on the Toolbar. Create a button which zooms the document out to the next level.

The progress field is updated throughout the read with org faceless pdf2 from org faceless pdf2 to 1 indicating how much of the PDF has been read. It takes faceless time to run, and as it doesn’t parse the page content it requires only the basic License to run.

A type of form element representing a Radio Button, which can be either “checked” or “cleared” on or faccelessin the same way as the HTML “radiobutton” input type.