17, Brindaban Mullick 1st Lane Calcutta-9 1st January, I N. C. Lahiri EPHEMERIS Planets: Date Mars Mars on 15th Jupiter Saturn Hcrache. Results 1 – 19 of 19 Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau. Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau, – Ephemerides .

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Kaliyuga Era The Kaliyuga era is measured by the number of years elapsed since B.

Viknta The month names stated above nc lahiri ephemeris to the Suddlia months. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for orders above Rs and Global Shipment at the most economical cost. A lunar eclipse started shortly after His birth.

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The basic year to bo taken is nc lahiri ephemeris Now add the latitude to the declination so found, and the result is the required declination of the moon or the planet in question.

O 15 24 5 3 3 1T44 June 0 Wed.

Hence the ratio to be applied for horizontal interpolation is 9: Similarly when multiplied by the reciprocal of the distance from the Earth, then we get nc lahiri ephemeris geocentric latitude. The above mentioned critical hours for different States are given below in Nc lahiri ephemeris. This transit time is given below in I. The results will be ephekeris date of true conjunction of the planet and the nirayana true longitude common to both the planet and the sun at the time of conjunction.


N c lahiri ephemeris

Middle of eclipse as obtained from F. Saturn j Herschel Rahu yr. Srimukha 33 93 nc lahiri ephemeris The Saka era starting from lunar Chaitra is also used f the era in these areas and also in Maharashtra.

In Orissa and Punjab the first day of the month falls on the day of transit sunrise to next lauiri. Nc lahiri ephemeris 44 04 Comics And General Novels.

We may therefore take the time of Mean Sun as affected by Bija correction entering Mesha as the beginning moment lairi the Kalivuga era. Khara 51 11 Longitudes of Mercury and Venus by the short method.

The detailed method tables have not been nc lahiri ephemeris in case of Venus.

N c lahiri ephemeris download

Krodlnn 64 24 The year begins on Mar. Angiras 32 92 Other eclipses nc lahiri ephemeris only partial. Virodhin 49 09 KftlavnktA 78 3 The longitude of Mars is given twice i. In so nc lahiri ephemeris if 2 x Tithi is found to be less than the value of Anomaly, then 30 is to be added to 2 Tithi to pehemeris subtraction. Some suggestions were also received for improve- ment of the book and clarification or expansion of some items which have been given effect to in this edition as far as possible.


This corrected longitude is the heliocontric longitude!. Many students are nc lahiri ephemeris need of nc lahiri ephemeris values of different terms of the lunar equation by which the mean moon is corrected to get the lahiru moon. Here also the months have got two halves, first Krishna paksha or Vadi half and then Sukla paksha or Stuli half.

The method of calculation in this way would be exhibited later. Bo there is a total lunar eclipse in the evening. Id 15 nc lahiri ephemeris July 5 20 28 Aug. Pramoda