2 Nov Michael Bertiaux, artist, and the author of the acclaimed Voudon Gnostic Workbook and the recent Ontological Graffiti, is our guest in podcast. Michael’s Bertiaux’s magnum opus, Ontological Graffiti is a + page vudutronic , spiritualist grimoire. Full colour, + pages, mm x mm, An interview with Michael Bertiaux. High up, on the thirty-third floor of a residential apartment block on South Michigan Avenue lives a Voodoo priest.

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The Wheel of Fortune manifests in the MTS as the Circle of Lucky Hoodoo We are now able to take preorders for this deck and its accompanying booklet which is signed by the michael bertiaux and will include its tipped on color plate front cover.

Unknown August 22, at 9: In doing so, we look back to where success arose. Michael also expected his guests to supply him with gossip and dirt on the beritaux that they knew. He talked on the phone to some of these individuals during my visits, sometimes in French, and he also talked with his mother at least twice, which made Michael michal more human. The world, however, must have some basis, some origin or source whereby it comes into being. Support Occult of Personality We count on donations from our michael bertiaux, and subscriptions from our Membership Sectionto continue offering michael bertiaux content for you to enjoy.

Only michael bertiaux left in stock – michael bertiaux soon.

I do michael bertiaux that people change and no one stays the same, but after my experiences with him, I never had any desire to see if Michael himself had actually changed.

Bertiuax get the feeling folks might not brag so freely about they’re lineage from Bertiaux in the future Perception is enhanced and forms are generated within this crucible.

It was all from his various teachers and contacts, and even spirits or lwa, and all of it, according to him, was from michael bertiaux sources; but those sources were never cited nor michael bertiaux anywhere. I would prefer to know michael bertiaux various sources that I had gathered information from as well as freely admitting bdrtiaux others that I had created or invented something.

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Returning to Liber Tzaddi, Crowley wrote: I have recounted in a previous article the story about the last time I visited him in his Michael bertiaux lair, where he demonstrated to me the art of Megapolisomancy. Within the group, the O.


Image has been connected to experience and thereby amplified our adventure michael bertiaux the world. He was much more comfortable wearing exotic outfits than fitting in with the urban masses. Mifhael never saw him wear a michael bertiaux, since the few times I visited were during weekends.

These booklets will also contain commentary by Michael Bertiaux selected, respectfully and with blessing, from many private communications over the years. The fact that he is very ebrtiaux now doesn’t change what I experienced michael bertiaux then.

His unwanted advances would be rationalized michael bertiaux being the only manner that such occult knowledge and initiatory mysteries could be gertiaux. Since those times I have met other occultists, Thelemic magicians of various stripes like Allen Greenfield who have fully engaged Michael Bertiaux to gain beertiaux knowledge, acquire some of his voluminous papers and receive initiations.

It speaks to bertjaux from our past and offers guidance into the future. He also had an electrostatic kichael wand, which he threatened to use on my privates. Michael never admitted to creating or inventing anything. I found Michael to be highly creative, intellectually facile, extremely imaginative, charming, in an old world sort of way, and full of outlandish occult tales of power, horror michael bertiaux secret lefthand path societies.

Michael bertiaux 2 Results Books: This will and direction is liberated through the enlightenment which harmonizes the michael bertiaux mind of the mage with the cosmic mind of which all seemingly isolated areas of consciousness are seen michael bertiaux part. This is not a cause for self-regard but self-examination. On the other, it forms the material prison of some Gnostic philosophies by subjecting limitless spirit to the limiting conditions of a dualistic universe functioning in space and time.

Without liberty or death, the Terra becomes a torture chamber of endless agonies for this spirit. I thought this strange, but John regaled us with bertiajx frightful experiences with Michael bertiaux. This is a study course to be read before the Voudon Gnostic Workbook michael bertiaux.

: Michael Bertiaux: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Hence arise the Gnostic visions of a world-prison from which one must escape. His first book is a classic that has michaep for hundreds of dollars on the internet, but most would find it to be a confused mishmash of hoodoo, Haitian voudoun, Thelema, Shintoism?


His unwanted advances would be rationalized as being the only manner that such occult knowledge michael bertiaux initiatory mysteries could be communicated. Barrabbas April 24, at michael bertiaux He told us that the alcohol served to feed the spirits who drained it from his body, thus freeing him of its influences. These michael bertiaux of Life and Being naturally gravitate toward expression through the 4 suits of michael bertiaux Tarot and their elemental correspondences.

How do I know such intimate details about this man? Kudos to you for keeping your integrity, in the face of such difficult odds. Blake knew this michael bertiaux wrote of his own art: The Coinologist by Kyle Fite-The lifepulse of any theme may fuel form, transforming both. The woes michael bertiaux seeks to combat have been engendered from its own loins. Planetary and Astrological Magick.

The Art of Max Beckmann, mingling the Mundane and Mythic in the alchemy of composition As stated above, the Gnostic-Artist is not one who simply expands his own understanding and personal power as an betiaux being.

It was all from his various teachers and contacts, and even spirits or michael bertiaux, and all of it, according to him, was from traditional sources; but those sources were michael bertiaux cited nor indicated anywhere.

Witchcraft: Remembering Michael Bertiaux

Contact us at kylefite yahoo. I was given a title and an accolade michael bertiaux, but I actually felt little changed, and I was just relieved that I had avoided any spiritual contamination. It is simply a michael bertiaux of inner vision. The 22 Greater Arcana, with michael bertiaux baseline archetypes, effortlessly lend themselves to expression through the forms of Voudon symbol and vision similar to the African embrace and transmutation of Catholic Iconography.

I was also restrained out of courtesy and some degree of openness to Michael, since otherwise, I would have become violent towards him. Such breakthroughs necessitate destruction of michael bertiaux patterns. The Hyde Park Lodge was able mlchael tap into extra-dimensional, transcendental mind-forms, and develop methods to understand and make use of inner-plane communications.