This is known as crawling of induction motor. This action is due to,the fact that the AC winding of the stator produces a flux wave which is not pure sine wave. Induction motors will not accelerate to full speed if they cog or crawl. Cogging motors do not accelerate at all, and crawling induction motors stop accelerating. 16 Oct It can also be reduced by using the skewed rotor. Cogging and Crawling are less eminent in wound rotor motors because of the higher starting.

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Crawling and Cogging in Induction Motors |

A common problem is with the seventh harmonic where the seventh harmonic creates a forward rotating torque field at one seventh of the synchronous speed. What is meant is to arrange the stack of rotor laminations so that the rotor slots are “skewed” or angled with respect to the axis of rotation.

If you suspect cogging and crawling of induction motor you may have a crawling situation, characterised by the motor not accelerating and strong vibrations, the best indication is to determine the actual shaft speed where the motor acceleration stops.

The number of slots in rotor should not be equal to the number of slots in the stator. For this reason, there are an unequal number of slots in the rotor and in the stator, but there can still be situations where the slot frequencies coincide with harmonic frequencies and this can cause torque modulations. The junction J2because of the presence of depletion layer cogging and crawling of induction motor not allow any current to flow through the device. Effect of Crawling The problem of Cogging is overcome by making the number of rotor slots prime to the number of stator slots.

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But generally, three constants R, L and C are considered and they are uniform along the whole length of line.

Newer Post Older Post Home. As a result, of it cogging occurs.

Crawling and Cogging of Induction Motor

Inductjon, the net forward torque is equal to the sum of the torque produced by 7 th harmonic and fundamental torque. Cogging and Crawling are less eminent in wound rotor motors because of the higher starting torques. The functions of various parts is as follows: Sometimes it happens because of low supply voltage.

As the motor picks up the speed, cogging and crawling of induction motor rotor frequency reduces and the inner cogying carries most of the current.

The frame also contains the stator winding of Induction motor. At other odd order non triplen harmonic speeds, there can also be more complex interactions. The rotor tends to remain fixed in this condition and causes cogging and crawling of induction motor problem in starting.

Under this minimum reluctance path condition, magnetic locking takes place between the stator and the rotor teeth. The seventh harmonic is the best known and documented crawl speed, but others can exist due to the total interaction of all harmonic sources. These harmonics create additional torque fields in addition to the synchronous torque. Induction motors that cog or crawl will not accelerate to full speed. Connects Facebook Youtube Videos. Since all the motors may not operate on full load at the same time, the KW rating of motor of group drive is often less than the aggregate KW output rating of the individual motor and further cause reduction in cost.

It is very small in cogging and crawling of induction motor of overhead lines and may be assumed zero. By Manoj Sahu – June 08, Series Motor or Universal Motor.

These stampings are slotted in order to receive the stator windings. Determination of Armature Reaction. These two mmf s lock into each other to produce a synchronous torque when. However the stator flux is not pure sinusoidal, it consists of fundamental and harmonics.


By Akshay Dudhe – February 09, Hence total motor torque has there components.

Crawling and Cogging Effect in the Induction Motor | Electrical Revolution

This characteristic of the induction motor is called cogging. This phenomenon is called as crawling in induction motors. Constructing the rotor with skewed slots and providing more or fewer rotor slots than stator slots is the remedy for both cogging and crawling.

When the stator and the rotor teeth coggijg each other, the reluctance of the magnetic path is minimum. If we neglect all higher order harmonic, total torque is sum of fundamental torque and seven cogging and crawling of induction motor torque. Hence, harmonic torques are also developed in addition with fundamental torque.

These slots should not be coggjng in number because if they are, there is a good chance that the motor will not start at all due to a characteristic known as cogging.

Introduction to Armature Windings. Hence this is also called “line shaft drive”.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The phenomenon of Magnetic Locking between cogging and crawling of induction motor stator and the rotor teeth is called Cogging or Teeth Locking. Development of Circuit Model. The total motor torque now consist three components as: Cogging and Crawling — A squirrel-cage rotor may exhibit a peculiar behaviour in starting for certain relationships between the number of poles and the stator and rotor slots.

This condition is known as Cogging or Magnetic locking.