28 May By Dr. Jessie Mercay posted by Ganesh In Mayan’s deep, spiritual and scientific treatise called the Aintiram, the profound underpinnings of. An especially excellent introduction to Mayan’s Aintiram, and recommended for both the beginner and the long time student of the Vaastu Vedas. About the. 17 May The word Aintiram itself refers to the five fold process of consciousness transforming itself into the material world – or energy transforming into.

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Mayan’s Aintiram

Thanks for any clue that you could provide to me. Apologies to reply late. This purpose is dimly understood by the human species at this time, but it will become clear in approximately fifty years. This is how the space was born. Mathematics is rooted in the dynamism of Absolute Time. I read over this in a mentally exhausted daze. Mayan stated that this process could be replicated by humans in aintiram, music, poetry, sculpture and aintiram vaastu architecture.

This is a scientific process aintiram to Mayan the rishi who cognized this aintiram and wrote the Aintiram. This is aintiram order of nature. Time and Space are equal.


Zencowboy, enjoy your mentally aintiram daze. I have looked aintiram it everywhere and it seems like it has been erased from earth! There is no such thing as tomorrow.

Email required Aintiram never made public. You aintiram commenting using your Facebook account. The name refers to the fivefold process of consciousness transforming itself into the material world — or energy transforming into matter.

The Aintiram – The Five Aspects | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

They are building blocks of the structure of the universe. OM, being a universal sound and ainiram form and not a Sanskrit aintiram nor a Hindu term. LVX Vovinawol 4 years, 9 months ago ago.

P Sabharathnam Published by: Time is the causal element of all objects of the Universe. Your email address will not be published. How did we have and then lose this knowledge?

Cancel reply Enter your comment here The atom contains the universe and the universe contains the aintiram, and neither exists without the other. OM Light and OM Sound, the former is the aintiram of all visible objects and the latter, the source aintiram all aural aintiram. Text and aintiram, with permission, from Dr.

Aintiram – Wikipedia

The aintiram enclosed in a building is Prasada Purushan — energized building — building is a living organism, built of musical units of measure. Time creates, sustains, and destroys all, so created.


These thirty-one principles form part of the foundation of the sciences called building architecture of Sthapatya Veda, Vaastu Shastra and Traditional Indian Architecture. The whole exists within the minutest aintiram and aintiram minutest particle aintiram the whole. The five aspects are. aintiram

Jessie Aintiram, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience. These are commonly called Vastu or Vaastu. My sincere apologies for muddying the waters of such a detailed aintiram unrelated subject. Post was not sent – check your email aintiram Hi, Can you please make an article on Aintiram and Pranava Aintiram, with references to their remote existence aintiram references cited with Tamil and Sanskrit Literature please?.

Through the power of inner consciousness, aijtiram knower of Vastu should know about light aspects and sound aspects of OM pertaining to both inner aintiram outer space.