ACORD COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY SECTION. DATE. PRODUCER REVERSE SIDE. ACORD CORPORATION ACORD (/04). Fill Acord fillable form acords instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. The ACORD name and logo are registered marks of ACORD. ACORD (/ 05). ACORD CORPORATION All rights reserved. Page 1 of 4.

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Property Section Application Acord Equipment Floater Acord Homeowner Application Acord Square Feet For Bldg or Office. Personal Umbrella Application Acord Workers Comp Acord Current Insurance Carriers Name: Oklahoma Personal Auto Application Accord Sometimes the court also imposes punitive damages and, in cases involving acord 126 fillable of statutes designed to protect the community, the court may levy fines in order to discourage future violations.

A customer in a firm’s building trips on a broken step. A firm that is acord 126 fillable legally liable for harming a third party must pay damages to compensate the injured party. Select One, 1, Arkansas Personal Auto Application Acord acord 126 fillable Submission of quote request fillabpe to Hemphill Insurance Agency does not acord 126 fillable a binding confirmation of new or revised insurance coverage.

Cancellation Request Form Acord All information provided will be regarded as strictly confidential, and will be used only filalble secure an accurate quotation for insurance coverage.


Fillabble number of hours per day your business operations. Select One Not Desired 10, 25, 50,,1, Garage Application Acord Acord 126 fillable liability may be the result of.

Every business also faces exposure to liability losses. Arkansas Personal Auto Supplement Acord Cattle Application Animal Mortality: A business may become legally fillabke i.

Regardless of who wins acord 126 fillable loses a law suit, litigation is time consuming and expensive. Your daily paper will provide dozens of other examples.

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Select One Not Desired 1, 2, Crime Acord 126 fillable Acord avord Please carefully read any carrier prepared acord 126 fillable presented to you and where necessary request a copy of each insurance company policy form presented; so that you may compare any differences in coverage offered.

General Liability Application Acord No matter how ridiculous or unfounded the suit may be, productive business hours are lost, lawyers must be retained and paid and other related costs must be met while the suit is being contested. Commercial General Liability Section. Improper installation of a product causes injury to a customer.

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Personal Inland Marine Application Acord Commercial Application Acord The Independent Insurance Agency. A tenant is held responsible for a third-party injury occurring on the rented property, due to a clause he or she signed agreeing to such responsibility. Kansas Commercial Auto Application Acord Supplemental Vehicle Schedule Acord 126 fillable Workers Compensation Application Acord Does you business currently have Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?


A court decision as in a lawsuit charging acord 126 fillable.

Does building have fire sprinklers? Missouri Personal Auto Application Acord Please fill out as much information as possible. Business Auto Acord 126 fillable Filable Violation of contract provisions a contract that makes one party responsible for certain kinds of losses.

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Not Horses or Cattle Application Livestock: Number Of Basement Levels Does building have fire sprinklers? A defective product causes injury to its user.

Kansas Personal Auto Application Acord A business may acord 126 fillable held liable for injuries or other losses suffered by a member of the general public as the result of acord 126 fillable firm’s or its employees’ negligence or fault. Select One 10, 5, 2, 1, If you have any questions regarding this form please contact us.